Angioplasty Surgery in Bangalore

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Published: 04th March 2010
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What is Angioplasty Surgery?

Angioplasty opens blocked arteries and restarts normal blood flow to your heart muscle. It is not a major surgery. It is done by inflating a tiny balloon at the side of the block. In many patients a collapsed wire mesh tube called a stent is deployed at the site of narrowing. This acts as a scaffolding to help prevent it from renarrowing after the angioplasty.

 During an angioplasty, also called percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA), a guide wire is passed directly to the blocked vessel. A tiny, deflated balloon is passed through the catheter to the site of the obstruction. The balloon is inflated to compress the plague against the wall of artery, flattening it out so that blood can once again flow without obstruction. Since a balloon- tipped catheter is used, this is also referred to as a "balloon angioplasty ".


Before the angioplasty procedure begins, you will be given some pain medicine. You may also be given blood thinning medicines to keep a blood clot from forming.

You will lie down on a padded table. Your doctor will make a small cut (incision) on your body, usually near the groin. Then your doctor will insert a catheter (flexible tube) through the incision into an artery. Sometimes the catheter will be placed in your arm or wrist. You will be awake during the procedure.

The doctor uses live x-ray pictures to carefully guide the catheter up into your heart and arteries. Dye will be injected into your body to highlight blood flow through the arteries. This helps the doctors see any blockages in the blood vessels that lead to your heart.

A guide wire is moved into and across the blockage. A balloon catheter is pushed over the guide wire and into the blockage. The balloon on the end is blown up (inflated). This opens the blocked vessel and restores proper blood flow to the heart.

A stent (wire mesh tube) may then be placed in this blocked area. The stent is inserted along with the balloon catheter. It expands when the balloon is inflated. The stent is then left there to help keep the artery open.


Angioplasty is generally safe, but ask your doctor about the possible complications. Risks of angioplasty and stent placement are:

  • Allergic reaction to the x-ray dye

  • Bleeding or clotting in the areawhere the catheter was inserted

  • Damage to a heart valve or bloodvessel

  • Heart attack

  • Kidney failure (higher risk inpeople who already have kidney problems)

  • Irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias)

  • Stroke (this is rare)

  • Allergic reaction to the stentmaterial

  • Allergic reaction to the drug usedin a drug-eluting stent

  • Blood clot

  • Clogging of the inside of thestent (in-stent restenosis)

Angioplasty Surgery Top Destination in India

Bangalore is the top destination of India forAngioplasty Surgery. This is world center for Angioplasty treatment. Top Doctor and specialist is available in Bangalore with top class Hospital Facility and world class medical Assistance. Compare to other city like Delhi and Mumbai, Bangalore emerged as a top city in India for Angioplasty surgery.

Angioplasty Surgery Specialist in Bangalore

Dr. Rehan Sayeed is the best and well known doctor for this treatment in Banaglore.

Dr. Rehan Sayeed is an alumnus from the prestigious Madras Medical College where he did his basic medical education and went onto to complete his general surgery training. His quest for knowledge and skill took him to the United Kingdom where he graduated to become a Fellow of the Royal college of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He subsequently returned to India to do his Cardiothoracic training from Apollo Hospitals, Chennai under the mentorship of Dr. M R Girinath where he graduated with a Diplomate of the National Board of Examinations.

He joined Apollo Hospitals, Chennai as a Senior Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon and in January of 2007 he set up the cardiothoracic department at Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore. He has been the coordinator of the department since. The proud owner of the single largest series of Minimal access off pump bypass surgery in the world he has been an innovator always looking for new frontiers. He does most of his surgeries through the minimal access approach and has the largest single surgeon series in the is the part of Dr. Rehan Sayeed initiative to provide quality treatment done for Angioplasty Surgery with affordable price. Contact for specialist cardiac help.

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